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Oil mist :
Since rotary pumps utilize lubricant oil for seals, the oil exhausts to atmosphere (outside the pumps) at the beginning of evacuation. The oil mist will pollute the room in which the pumps are installed. Especially, the oil mist will be a big problem in the process of repetition between atmosphere and ultimate pressure.
Easy maintenance :
When rotary pumps suck in particles and reactive gas molecular, which will are included in sucked air (gases), they will be accumulated in lubricant oil. The accumulated particles and melted reactive molecular will deteriorate oil lubricant and shorten the maintenance interval for oil.  The oil pollution and smell are anonymous for people who conduct replacement of lubricant oil and seals. Also, they should clean the oil around the rotary pumps and throw the polluted oil away with special care from the viewpoint of environmental preservation.  In particular, total maintenance costs would be huge when many rotary pumps are used
Back Migration :
Lubricant oil will evaporate near ultimate pressure. (< 3Pa = 2×10-2 torr: This depends on what kind of oil is used). The oil vapor will be migrated from high pressure to low pressure. (near ultimate pressure). The back-migration is polluted in vacuum chamber. (The polluted chamber will worsen the ultimate pressure because of increased oil molecular. Also, it does not function as the clean space and the space that is changed the physical characteristics.)


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