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Dry pumps are necessary to future
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Clean Vacuum
Clean vacuum can be obtained without oil back-migration because of no lubricant oil.  Also, it is possible to keep the installed place clean. 
Air Cooling System
Since cooling water management is not required, the ISP pumps can be installed at any places.  On the other hand, the required ventilation should be maintained.
Compact Design & Lightweight
ISP pumps are compact and lightweight compared to conventional pumps because double wrap scroll mechanism, original motor and turbo fans with a function of counter balance are adopted.  The required space is in minimum.  That is, it is easy to replace from other pumps. 
Cooling water, lubricant oil and oil filter management are not required.  Therefore, the short-term maintenance is not required.  Because of the simple construction and a small number of parts, it is low probability to reach breakdown and have troubles.  The maintenance of ISP pumps should be conducted every 8,000 hours.  Hour meter can readily manage this maintenance interval. 
Double Wrap Scroll Mechanism
The ISP pumps are dynamically well balanced because of the double wrap scroll mechanism and both sides support of a crankshaft.  Therefore, the motor power is smaller than conventional pumps and it is possible to continuously run the pumps in a wide range of pressure (Atmosphere ~ 1Pa [10-3 Torr]).  The smaller motor can contribute to save the running costs.
Water Handling
Since the ISP pumps have Air Flush devices, they can handle 25g water a day.  The pumps can be used for regeneration of cryogenic pump.

Worldwide Voltage
The same ISP pump can be used in 200 – 230V and 380 – 460V area for three phase by changing plates in the terminal box of the motor.  It can be used in 100 – 115V and 200 – 230V area for single phase. 

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